(taken by Kris. in OUR car. hee hee.)


Since we started traveling in South America. Needless to say, we have been exposed to a total different kind of culture. The culture shock comes with the consumption of local food along with physical and mental adaptations to the subject.

Hank and I spend 24 hours together. NO EXCEPTIONS! We spend more time together than we would like but this I suppose is good training for the future (that’s what my dad said anyway). I can’t remember when it was when we started to discuss each other’s bowel movements. These discussions occur at random times and even public places. Since no one here understands Chinese, my darling boyfriend has used it to its fullest advantage.


This is how the conversation went on a busy street, while we were surrounded by twenty other Bolivians.


(English translation of the actual conversation.)

Hank: honey, I really want to poop.

Kris: okay, then we’ll go home then.

Hank: we’d better be fast. I have a peeping turtle situation here.

Kris: my god. There are people around.

I looked around at the little girls and boys that just got out of school, still dressed in their catholic school uniforms and realized that no one would understand what we were discussing!  Thank God.


These conversations continue onto even more descriptive relevance.


(Again, translated)

Hank: honey, how’s your pooping going? (He said this without reservation of what my reactions might be, in a crowded café, after we had a candle light dinner.)

Kris: it’s been going good… (Thinking, “really, is this what intimacy is like? “)

Hank: mine’s been going good. Like the slushie that we get at 7-11. Soft and without hindrance.


I wonder how many couples have the same conversations as us.


If this is what intimacy is, I guess I am pretty good at it. Because I actually answered all his questions without the need to gag.


Oh, Love, it does strange things to us all.

p.s. 請大家多留言給漢克, 鼓勵他. 因為他老是認為我出賣他來博取版面. 不過這是事實啦! 哈哈!

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