Kris, lost...
圖說:taken by Hank, at Lomas de Arena,Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

I have a dream. Well, actually, I have many dreams. And none of them was/is related to South America. I dreamed about dancing on the street with Mexican mariachi once but that's as close as it gets to where I am now, which is about 9 hours away (don't quote me on this)by plane and 10 million miles from home(needless to say this is an exaggerated estimate).

But here I am, sitting in a coffee shop, two months and some odd days since I left, in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, observing and being observed. Asians are rare here. Mostly of them are Japanese backpackers and that's usually where they think that we are from. I'd smile and say, we are from Taiwan. Taiwan es una isla pequena, I'd say. - Taiwan is a small island. They'll nod their heads politely and ask: Korean? That's how much they know about my island.

Never had I said so much about my motherland nor being so proud of it. The pollution that used to bug me is now as minute as a mosquito bite compared to the diesel engine exhausts I had to endure in Peru and here. The crowded streets never bothered me that much since I rarely get out of the house in Taiwan. The traffic that seemed chaotic now seem orderly. I miss roaming the winding streets with my car and feeling free of all burdens once the speedometer points towards the sky.

I never thought I'd miss it. all of it. until now.

I have a new dream now. I dream about going home to my comforter and be there day and night with my lap top writing about nothing and everything. I dream about having dinner with Gramps and ask him to tell me stories about himself.

Before this dream is realized, there is something else that needs to be done and that is realizing my other dream.

I have to write. I can't live without writing and that is what I am meant to do I believe.

I have a dream and it's in its first stages of being realized. I'm working on it. Really. Until then, my other dreams would have to wait, not for long, but they will have to wait.
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