*** Cards/Postcards Time *** 






請撥冗寄張卡片/明信片給Kris 陳爸爸&陳媽媽,讓他們知道他們並不孤單  




TOKris  Or  陳爸爸 & 陳媽媽 

ADD42342 台中縣東勢鎮OO街OOO 



Hello there,

This is Kris' elder sister.  Time flies, the most don't-want-to-remember date is not too far away from now.  We all know that Kris loves receiving cards/postcards.  Let's all write her something and let her know that she is sorely missed!  I will personally deliver all of your cards/postcards to Kris in mid Oct., so, make sure that your cards do arrive by 2010/10/8.  You're also welcome to send your greetings to Mr. & Mrs. Chen, to let them know that they're not alone and keep staying strong!!!  Please feel free to pass this to all Kris' friends for me, many thanks in advance!!! 


TOKris Chen  Or  Mr. & Mrs. Chen

ADDNo. 000, XXXXXX Street, Dong-Shi Town, Taichuang County 42342, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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